Linking from Engage to Presenter

A while ago there was a great post on Daveperso’s Articulate eLearning Blog about how you can use a hyperlink within Engage to link to a particular slide within your Articulate Presenter course. You can add the code asfunction:_level44.playSlide,5 through the “insert hyperlink” function in Engage, change the number at the end to correspond to the slide which you want to link to, publish and that’s it! (Read his full post here).

This method works great, and also works when inserting Engage interactions in the manner which I described in my last post. The only problem with it is that it doesn’t quite work when the slide to which you are linking contains another Engage interaction – the Engage becomes mis-aligned and appears way over to the left of the screen. You can see in this presentation: the first two links, which are linking just to standard slides, work fine; if you try the third link, which links to a slide containing an Engage interaction, it doesn’t look right.

While I’ve found no way to fix this, I have found a handy little workaround, which is to insert a blank slide immediately before the Engage interaction to which you are linking and set the slide to automatically advance. You can then insert a “please wait” type image onto the blank slide which will appear for the second before the slide advances. You can see that method in action here.


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