Articulate presentations with resizable Engage interactions

A while ago, I was working on creating this presentation, which was designed to be an interactive tour around 15 Blenheim Terrace (which is the home of Skills@Library at the University of Leeds), as well as an introduction to what support we can offer to students.

The idea was to create the illusion of being in the building, and we wanted the user to be able to navigate around from within the slides, without having to rely on using the Articulate controls, or the sidebar menu (though we ended up including the sidebar aswell).

As we were using numerous Engage interactions within the slides, we had to come up with a way of linking from the Engage slides back to other slides. We also wanted to maintain the illusion of being “in” the building, so that when the user still appeared to be in the room when they accessed the Engage interactions. This Screenr will show you what we came up with.

If you’re embedding multiple Engage interactions into a presentation in this way, you should rename your engage.swf files to something meaningful, otherwise once you’ve published that Articulate presentation you won’t be able to keep track of which is which.

Also, if you then republish your Articulate presentation, the engage_content folder will have to be copied over again.

** Updated**

See a PDF version of these instructions here.


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