Mobile development project – assistance needed!

Hello all,

We are currently working on developing a mobile version of the award-winning “Making Group-work Work” resource, which will be accessible via mobile devices.

We have created a test webpage, which at the moment has one of the videos embedded into it. So far we’ve only been able to test it out on an iphone, and we would be very grateful if anyone who has an internet enabled mobile device could test it out, and give us some feedback on it.

You can access the page from the following URL:

We’d like to know how the formatting looks (does the page display correctly), and if you can play the video (only the top video is currently in the page).

If you could test it for us, please reply and tell us what type of phone you’ve used to test it.



3 Responses to “Mobile development project – assistance needed!”

  1. David Hopkins Says:

    Hi Jade – a few images for you (also tweeted) from iPhone 3GS;

    and the video worked fine.

    All the best, would love to hear how the project goes.


  2. Vicky Says:

    I’m using the t-mobile g1
    on a 2g connection it loads quickly and I can view the page easily, all the image thumbnails load and when selected the video eventually loads loads but halts as the 1st lass closes the door.

    on a 3g connection the video loads just as slowly and halts in the same place – could be the connection though as where I am in Hatfield it sometimes drops out which is why I tend to stick to text content.

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