Using relative hyperlinking to launch documents from your Articulate presentations

I have recently been working on a marketing piece which has been using Articulate as a house for various Captivate demostrations. Initially I embedded the swf files into my Articulate slides, but this wasn’t a good enough solution, as the demos were too small to see. The next idea was to use the hyperlink function to open the demo in a new window, but this also wasn’t going to work as the piece had to be able to be viewed locally, without an internet connection.

So it came time to think outside the box a little, and I experimented with using relative hyperlinks to launch the demos from within the published project folder, which worked a treat.

This Screenr demonstrates adding a Captivate interaction to a presentation.

You can add as many files as you want in this way, and even whole engage interactions, if you wanted them to open in a new window. Simply link to the engage.html page, and copy that over into the downloads folder along with the engage_swf and engage_content files.


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